Grand Forks City Council revives alcohol discussion

How cities manage and regulate alcohol is a moving target; there’s no write answer — only what’s right for a place at that time based on the challenges they’re experiencing. As an example, Bismarck’s contemplating a license adjustment that would let more businesses into the game based on changing population. In Grand Forks, some Council

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Bismarck mulls offering liquor licenses based on estimated census

The Bismarck City Commission has requested City staff draft ordinance language that would move the City to releasing population-quota liquor licenses based on the annual census estimate rather than the 10-year census. Here’s the quote from City Commissioner Shawn Oban: “I think if there’s an appetite for increasing competition and allowing more folks to get

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Fargo experimenting with event-focused liquor license

The Fargo City Commission approved a pilot program law that would grant a license to serve alcohol to the Downtown Community Partnership. The organization is the primary sponsor of several downtown Fargo events and was seeking the authority to sell alcohol to support their efforts.

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Grand Forks Allows Minors in Bars for Private Parties

In what is being described as a ‘common-sense step forward’, the Grand Forks City Council approved a law allowing minors to be in bars for private parties provided they obtain a special permit.

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The Opportunity for Rural Breweries, Distilleries, & Wineries is Big

Up here on the Northern Plains, we drink a lot of beer. It’s a fact we all acknowledge. And the question they’re starting to ask in Minnesota is what would happen if more of the beer that we consume was brewed locally? What if the corner bar was actually a corner brewery with a taproom?

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Liquor License Violation Dismissed Against Motorcycle Club

The Ice Cold Ryders Motorcycle Club was facing charges of selling alcohol without a license, but those charges have been dismissed based on a motion filed by the State’s Attorney. Assets seized are also expected to be ordered returned.

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Winnipeg: Warm weather, increased tourism boost food and drink spending

Food and drink spending is proving to be a boon for the Canadian economy, and in our neighboring province of Manitoba, spending and growth is particularly strong. In the month of September, Manitobans spent $167 million on dining and drinking out, that was up 2.2% from the year previous. Commentary: it’s a story relevant to

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Dickinson City Commission revisits alcohol ordinance and license caps

The Dickinson City Commission is taking a ground up look at the City’s liquor licensing structure and regulations. Specifically, they’re holding a series of public meetings to see if they should restructure penalties for infractions that more properly incentivize license holders and consider adjusting or removing the license cap structure. We’re having the same discussion

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