How Minot might collapse if the incentive to achieve and produce is stymied

Odds are high that you’ve watched some type of post-apocalyptic TV series or movie. If you have, you know there are a lot of interpretations of what the fall of humanity looks like — through an artist’s or a writer’s imagination. But what does collapse look like in real life, in the real world?

The scary part is we don’t have to imagine; it’s happening in Venezuela. What was once that South America’s wealthiest nation has fallen farther and faster than any country not in the clutches of war.

Veneauela’s stories are hard to hear; the pictures are hard to see. But we should still look and listen; they are a warning that what we have, our confidence in place and culture and economy is not inexhaustible. And when it goes, the consequences on people and lives are enormous. Look, see and be warned in this article from the New York Times.

This article was sourced from:

Anatoly Kurmanaev, New York Times


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