Canadians Release March Flood Forecast, Risk is Minimal

February saw an increase in the amount of snowpack in the upper reaches of the Souris basin, but the overall forecast is for minimal risk of flooding in the basin as a result of winter runoff. Here’s Souris Basin’s outlook from the Saskatchewan Water Security Agency:

Rafferty and Alameda reservoirs were lowered to their normal drawdown levels prior to February 1. Outflows from Rafferty Resrvoir wer terminated on October 22, 2014, once the drawdown objective was achieved. On January 22, 2015, after achieving the drawdown objective at Alameda Reservoir, the outflow was reduced to 0.4 cubic meters per second, where it remains today to pass inflows and hold the reservoir near the target level. With limited snow in the basins, it is unlikely that conditions that would yield the 1:10 year or larger runoff event which would necessitate further drawdowns under the international agreement will develop. The WSA will actively work to return the reservoirs to their full supply levels during spring runoff while respecting the international operations agreement. This include the diversion of flows from Boundary Reservoir over to Rafferty Reservoir should Boundary fill.

Here’s the link to the full report.

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