Surge Funding: How We’re Spending It

Following the passage of the surge funding bill that includes $32 million for Minot, we reached out to City of Minot officials to see how that money is earmarked. Here’s the official news release on that topic and the continued reform of the formula for distributing oil tax revenues.

— Official News Release, City of Minot —

With over $172 Million worth of infrastructure projects slated for 2015, City of Minot officials are extremely pleased with the passage of SB 2103, also known as the “Surge Bill”. “We are happy with the outcome of this legislation.” said Mayor Chuck Barney. “We know it’s impossible for the state to fund all of the needs of the local communities, but every penny helps, and this $32 million from the State ensures that we can get moving on projects that are desperately needed in Minot.” Barney said city officials and local legislators continue to work on details of the of the production tax formula for energy impacted cities and counties. “I know that our local legislators are working with leadership in both the House and the Senate to do what’s right for areas impacted by energy growth. In the end, I’m confident that we will see an increase over what percentage the City of Minot has received in the past.”

The City of Minot has identified several shovel-ready projects that surge funding will support during the 2015 construction season. A full list of projects that will be funded with surge dollars is below:

  • 55th Street Crossing $ 1,300,000
  • Puppy Dog Phase IV $ 3,050,000
  • North Sewer Lift Stations $26,250,000
  • 37th Avenue SW Road Upgrades $ 5,500,000
  • 36th Avenue NW Road Upgrades $ 3,900,000

In addition to the funding directly provided to the City of Minot, the North Dakota Department of Transportation will be using surge funds for projects essential to Minot and the surrounding area as well.

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