Outdoor Heritage Fund to Receive Only Half of Initially Allocated Funding

The downturn in oil prices means the State’s Outdoor Heritage Fund will not receive the full $27 million dollar allocation. Instead, $13.4 million will be available for conservation and outdoor recreation projects.

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State agencies work to whittle budgets

The deadline for state agencies and departments to submit their revised budgets is Wednesday. Due to the downturn in oil and its impact on state budgets, the Governor ordered across-the-board 4.05% reductions in spending.

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Governor orders 4.05 percent budget cuts

The downturn in oil prices is finally leaking into state budgets. The March 2015 revenue forecast missed the mark by more than a billion dollars. The governor is tapping rainy day funds as well as ordering across the board cuts to make up the difference.

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2015 Legislature: New Laws Take Effect Today

There are more than a 100 new laws taking effect today — all of them the result of the work done during the last legislative session. Get the rundown on some of ¬†the changes in this article from the Grand Forks Herald.

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Q&A: DOT Director on ND Summer Infrastructure Projects

  This past legislative session saw a billion dollar surge bill intended help the western part of the state catch up with oil development growth. A big part of that bill was earmarked to the DOT. Here’s a quick Q & A on some of the projects.

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Grand Forks Moving Towards 11 a.m. Sunday Alcohol Sales in Restaurants

State Legislators loosened the regulatory grip on Sunday bloody mary brunch by changing state law to allow for earlier alcohol service on Sundays. And now it appears the City of Grand Forks will be taking advantage of that opportunity by changing their local laws.

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Gov. Dalrymple Uses Veto Power on Five Bills this Session

Governor Dalrymple exercised his executive authority five times during the 2015 session. Archie Ingersoll writing for the Fargo Forum delivers the rundown on the bills he stuck his neck out on.

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Politics: Oversen Steps into New Role as State Party Chairwoman

The appointment of Kylie Oversen as the new Chairwoman of the North Dakota Demorcratic Party earlier this year led to a few raised eyebrows — at 26, she is a somewhat younger-than-usual choice. But it’s a signal that North Dakota Democrats see need for a new direction.

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