The MARC: Meet the Consultant Behind the Plan

The plan for the proposed Minot Aquatics and Recreation Center was not fabricated out of thin air. Over the years, Park District officials have had numerous requests for this type of facility, and last spring they hired IBIS Enterprises to more carefully look at the concept and help the Park District move the process forward.

The plan we have before us today was created by IBIS Enterprises with the help of lots feedback from Minot residents. Because this one company has had such a large role in shaping the MARC, it seemed appropriate to get you an in-depth look at who they are, what they do, and why they were chosen to assist the Park District.

To that end, I spent a half-hour on the phone this morning interviewing IBIS President Donna Jarmusz asking about her company’s experience and the plan they put together for Minot. You can listen to that interview below, it’s been chunked into shorter segments to help you find what’s most relevant to you.

Before you start listening though, here’s a few helpful links that are worth exploring. IBIS has proven track record of building facilities like the MARC on-time and on-budget, but they encourage Minot residents to explore their website and learn for themselves. Here are some links to get you started.

And… IBIS Enterprises and Donna Jarmusz will be back in Minot on the 25th of this month to participate¬†in a public forum, so if you have further questions, you’ll have the opportunity to ask in person.

The Interview

I apologize for the volume of my voice, the interview was conducted via speaker phone and I was a lot closer to the microphone.

On IBIS’s experience with these types of facilities….


On IBIS’s Experience in North Dakota and Getting the Cost Estimate Right


On How the Plan Was Created


On Who in Minot Helped Shape the Facility Concept


On the Unique Aspects of Minot’s Plan


On Partnering with a Healthcare Provider


On Choosing the Right Location


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