The MARC: ASK Fitness Says Yes

ASK Fitness, Minot ND

April 5, 2015


To The Minot Community,

As the owner of ASK Fitness, I’m writing to express my support for the Minot Aquatics and Recreation Center.

At ASK Fitness, our mission is promoting active, healthy lifestyles through personal improvement and athletic training. For ten years, we’ve provided a place for our members and Minot athletes to get moving, to get active, and to have fun training. We’ve renovated, we’ve improved, we’ve experimented with different facilities and services and we’ve dreamed about providing a bigger, better place to train and play.

With the MARC proposal, I see an opportunity to have a big part of my vision for promoting healthy lifestyles and a healthy community realized. Minot needs a place to escape the harsh cold of winter and yet stay active. We need a place for families, friends, and teams to play, compete, and grow — no matter what the North Dakota weather throws at us. The Park District has given us that opportunity with the MARC, and I hope we do not let it slip away.

For a Better, Healthier Minot,
Jay Lundeen, Ask Fitness

Josh Wolsky

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