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ND State Fair Parade

Saturday, July 20th

North Dakota State Fair

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July 20th — July 21st

Arny’s 2.0

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Buy One Get One! (Well Drinks & Domestic Pours)

July 22nd — July 25th

Arny’s 2.0

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NewsElectric Cars Without Batteries?

Lithium-ion is the standard battery of the day, but they’re far from ideal. Graphene-based batteries are cheaper, lighter, charge faster, and safer, and researchers in Australia believe they can produce a battery-free car within five years. [...]

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NewsTeam Minot Dominates Global Strike Command Competition

Great story for MAFB and the 91st Missile Wing. It has been a tough couple years for this mission dealing with leadership and moral issues, but clearly things are turning around. Congratulations! Read more here: [...]

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NewsIndustrial Conservation Leads to Lowest Water Use Nationally in 45 Years

This article is about national per capita  usage and all signs point towards an attitude shift that treats water as a scarce and valuable resource. The biggest contributor to the decline came from high volume industrial users. [...]

Read & Share   sourced from: Los Angeles Times

NewsAccessory Housing Units Get Approval From Minneapolis Planning Commision

It’s a newer (or perhaps older) housing concept that’s gaining favor in many urban areas around the country. Considering Minot’s housing issues, it’s worth knowing about. [...]

Read & Share   sourced from: Star Tribune

NewsGenetically Engineered Potato Approved by USDA

Branded as the ‘Innate’ , the potato fries a little cleaner (less carcinogens released) and is more resistant to bruising. [...]

Read & Share   sourced from: Brownfield Ag News

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It's the free, easy way to stay informed about what's happening in Minot, and it helps support independent local news and journalism.

NewsFishing Prospects Looking Good

— ND Game & Fish Official News Release — North Dakota Game and Fish Department fisheries personnel have wrapped up surveys and sampling efforts for the open water season, and results point toward good conditions on the state’s big waters. “Fishing in North Dakota continues to be record-setting on most all levels,” said Greg Power, [...]

Read & Share   sourced from: ND Game & Fish

NewsBakken Trucks Are Often Hauling Heavy

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but it is a good piece on one of the less reported challenges we face in the Bakken. The article calls out incentives to misbehave and difficulties with enforcement. [...]

Read & Share   sourced from: Star Tribune

NewsUND Nickname and Logo Task Force to Hold Meeting in Minot

The purpose will be to gather community input on the process of choosing a new nickname for the school. Minot’s meeting will take place 7 p.m. Monday, November 17, Minot State Admin Building, Room 364. [...]

Read & Share   sourced from: Grand Forks Herald

NewsFargo Moves Towards New Leadership with Police Force

City of Fargo police will have an interim police chief following the dismissal of Keith Ternes. Police force morale and criticism of the departments handling of internal discipline are cited as reasons for dismissal. [...]

Read & Share   sourced from: InForum

NewsDickinson Adding and Improving Outdoor Recreation Options

Dickinson is working to revive and rebuild the 17 mile Crooked Crane Trail system around Patterson Lake. [...]

Read & Share   sourced from: Dickinson Press

NewsIn Denton TX, Political Fight Over Fracking Ban Gets Ugly

If we’re paying attention in North Dakota, there’s a lot that can be learned here. From the story, “…the campaign started with one ‘bad actor that was not being a good corporate neighbor’ and mushroomed.” [...]

Read & Share   sourced from: Fort Worth Star-Telegram

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It's the free, easy way to stay informed about what's happening in Minot, and it helps support independent local news and journalism.

NewsKeeping an Eye on Traffic

Bonnie Campo talks with Jim Redding of the North Dakota Department of Transportation on the increase of traffic in the state and how we’re dealing with it. [...]

Read & Share   sourced from: KX News

NewsRice Lake Owners Get Letter of Support From County

The Rice Lake owners association needs approximately $3.5 million for infrastructure improvements to combat the rising water. Ward County will be advocating on behalf of the homeowners association. [...]

Read & Share   sourced from: KX News

NewsNew High School in Williston

Williston’s growth means western North Dakota will have a new high school. Completion is anticipated in time for the 2016-2017 school year. The class of 2017 will be the schools first. [...]

Read & Share   sourced from: KX News

NewsWater Markets as a Solution for Drought Stricken West?

Water, water, water, it makes the world go round. We’re rich in it now, but not very far away the affects of shortages and drought are drastically felt. Solutions are needed. [...]

Read & Share   sourced from: Vox