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News: A Voice for Business… The Minot

The Minot Voice is designed from the bottom up to make the Internet work for local businesses.  We can help you reach the audience that matters most… your clients! [...]

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Learn: A Presentation on Presentations…

Because sometimes all you need are the quick facts, and a big block of text just doesn’t say it simply enough. [...]

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News: The Minot is Social!

Want an easy way to keep up with the news and show some support at the same time? Throw us some love from your favorite social network! Check out our Facebook Page!, Follow us on Twitter, Follow us on Google Plus. Sharing made easy on Every Page! [...]

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News: Got an Idea for the Minot Voice?

Our goal is to always be improving, and we’d love to have your suggestions. There’s virtually no limit to what can be done with computer code these days, and it’s a fun time to think about how technology will change the way we live, work, communicate, find, and learn.  If you have an idea or [...]

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