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Take Out Tuesday!

Tuesday, May 21st

Atypical Brewery & Barrelworks

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Hamm’s & Grilled Cheese (w/Tomato Bisque Reduction): 5$

Tuesday, May 21st

Blue Rider

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Happy Hour with a View!

May 22nd — May 25th


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News$3.5 Million to Protect Double Ditch Indian Village

The State Historical Society has submitted a $3.5 million budget request to Governor Dalrymple with the purposing of stabilizing the shoreline and protecting the native america historic site 7 miles north of Bismarck. [...]

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NewsWater Treatment Plant Flood Walls Moving Forward

Flood protection walls for the water treatment plant and nearby pump station are being advanced through the City’s planning stages. This project is separate from the overall flood protection plan for Minot, but it is an important first step. [...]

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NewsEverything We Mostly Don’t Know About Hiccups

A heaping spoonful of peanut butter is The Minot endorsed cure, but you’ll find a bit of science and a few other less conventional cure ideas in this article. [...]

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CurioSnowblower Versus 100 Pumpkins

There are few videos that qualify more perfectly for the P.B.A. category than this. Take note, Minot has no area Ventrac dealers, but with advertising this good, maybe we should. [...]

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NewsHigher Taxes (Price) Equals Less Consumption

Raising taxes (i.e. prices) on cigarettes will result in decreased consumption, but a modestly surprising additional effect is a corollary decrease in beer and liquor consumption. [...]

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It's the free, easy way to stay informed about what's happening in Minot, and it helps support independent local news and journalism.

NewsManitoba Exploring Massive Flood Protection Reservoir

It’s one of several options being considered, but following the floods of 2011 and 2014 on the Assiniboine River (Souris River is a tributary of) there is more willingness to explore and possibly accept dramatic protection alternatives. [...]

Read & Share   sourced from: Winnipeg Free Press

NewsNorth Dakota Turns 125! Grand Opening of Renovated Heritage Center

It was a big day in Bismarck with the celebration of North Dakota’s 125th birthday, and to help celebrate we also had the grand opening of the newly renovated heritage center. [...]

Read & Share   sourced from: Bismarck Tribune

NewsAre Wolves Responsible for Minnesota’s Declining Moose Population?

Some preliminary evidence suggests wolves may be trimming the moose herd aggressively. Since 2006, moose numbers have fallen by as much as 50% in NE Minnesota to a herd size approximated at 4,350 animals. [...]

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NewsWilliston Takes $125 Million Loan to Solve Waste Treatment Problems

The City of Williston’s City Commission approved a $125 million loan to improve and expand the City’s waste treatment facilities. The expanded capacity will serve a population of 56,300 people with and have room for additional growth. [...]

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NewsIF we need it…. Sanford Hospitals Designated to Treat Ebola

Sanford Hospitals in Bismarck and Fargo have been designated to treat any Ebola cases… if they should occur in North Dakota. [...]

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CurioAll About That Bass: Looping Violin

His name is David Wong. If you watch, make sure you make to the last 30 seconds where he lets it go a little bit. And if you want to support him, pick it up on iTunes [...]

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It's the free, easy way to stay informed about what's happening in Minot, and it helps support independent local news and journalism.

NewsNew Tech Makes Finding Veins a Lot Easier

Trials are underway in Australia, but we’re guessing technology like this will find its way around the world fairly fast. It uses harmless near-infrared light, and it can be used anywhere. Watch the Video. [...]

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NewsComing Soon to Netflix

Marco Polo When: December 12, 2014 Story: An historic epic series following the journey of Marco Polo through the ancient world. We assume much artistic license has been taken. Bloodline Daredevil When: May 2015 Story: Crime fighting blind lawyer Matt Murdoch on the streets of New York. [...]

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NewsBoutique Creamery Starts Chocolate Milk Craze in New Zealand

Few things are more satisfying than a glass of good chocolate milk. And it seems that a small creamery in New Zealand finally figured this out. [...]

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NewsNo Surprise: Oil Patch Counties Lead in Rising Incomes for Middle Class

Williams, Ward, and Stark Counties are among the rising-income leaders nationwide. The rest of Western North Dakota isn’t faring bad either. [...]

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NewsU.S. Citizens Found Murdered in Mexico

The three young American citizens had been missing since October 13. Their bodies were found in the border state of Tamaulipas. They were last seen in the custody of police. [...]

Read & Share   sourced from: Los Angeles Times