Governor Candidates Are Racing Us to the Bottom

Let’s give Lt. Governor Miller and Congressman Armstrong both the benefit of the doubt by stipulating that neither of them are liars. Miller’s negative ads more or less claim that Armstrong can’t be trusted to be North Dakota’s next governor. Similarly, Armstrong’s negative ads suggest that Miller can’t be trusted with the same role. Obscene amounts of money are being spent, reflecting a lack of “North Dakota nice.” Living here in harmony is an antidote to our less than harmonious weather.

Would it not be rational to accept both of them at their word? If neither can be trusted to be our next North Dakota governor, arguably, neither of them should get our vote. Having North Dakota fall into the sinkhole of negativity which has entrapped Washington is not progress. Will our citizens reward such assaults on our values just because everyone else is doing it? How did that excuse work as kids when we tried it on our moms?

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Jim Maxson

Mr. Maxson is a retired Minot attorney, former ND State Senator representing Minot's 3rd District from 1986-1994, and former ND Democratic National Committeeman from 2000-2008. He speaks two languages, English and Metaphor, and is cursed by a long memory.

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