Navy says UFOs are real, pilots not speculating on the origin

The Navy isn’t making any claims about where they come from, but one thing’s for sure — they have regular reports from pilots on flying objects they can’t identify. Get the full story that’s sure to spark a few coffee conversations from the New York Times.

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How Minot might collapse if the incentive to achieve and produce is stymied

Odds are high that you’ve watched some type of post-apocalyptic TV series or movie. If you have, you know there are a lot of interpretations of what the fall of humanity looks like — through an artist’s or a writer’s imagination. But what does collapse look like in real life, in the real world? The

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Conservatives, liberals, populists, libertarians… and now, the localists

A couple stories down on our home page news feed (or here) you’ll find a slanted-toward-hopeless perspective on the challenges in rural America written by NYT columnist Paul Krugman. His suggestion: he doesn’t know how America can fix [insert-name-of-small-town-here]. And in a great reversal of perspective, another NYT columnist, David Brooks, makes the argument that

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Getting Real About Rural America — a New York Times opinion

It’s always dangerous casting an opinion on a wide swath of America. And few are wider than what might be described as ‘rural’. Still, economist and New York Times columnist Paul Krugman takes a crack at it. Perhaps he shouldn’t lump us all together, but not everything he writes should be discounted, either. Here’s the

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What’s the cure for distracted driving — more or less responsibility?

Self-driving and driver-assist technology is coming at us at a 65 miles per hour. Culturally, our response to adopt it will be closer to a reflex reaction than a calculated decision based on merits of the technology. But at least one driver is questioning whether more technology is the answer to curing our distracted driving

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Let’s Reconnect With Our Streets

Have we reached a point where we’re more likely to have a relationship with our car than our neighbors? Perhaps that’s because we’ve lost touch with our connection point — our streets. It used to be that these keystones of our community were places to come together, now they’re conveyances out of our neighborhoods to

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Wild Turkey Fatigue Spreading as Urban Nuisance Claims Rise

Here in Minot, an ad hoc committee appointed by City Council is tackling the issue of how to better manage the populations of Minot’s in-town wildlife. Turkeys have been part of the conversation. And based on this article from the NY Times, it would seem as if Minot isn’t only community dealing with the challenge.

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A cure for politics? Minnesota’s Boundary Waters

This election cycle got you down? Maybe you just need an escape. A New York Times travel writer got away from it all to Minnesota’s Boundary Waters Canoe Area and wrote an impressive how to do it yourself guide as well. If you’re looking for an adventure yet this fall or next summer, check it

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