Conservatives, liberals, populists, libertarians… and now, the localists

A couple stories down on our home page news feed (or here) you’ll find a slanted-toward-hopeless perspective on the challenges in rural America written by NYT columnist Paul Krugman. His suggestion: he doesn’t know how America can fix [insert-name-of-small-town-here].

And in a great reversal of perspective, another NYT columnist, David Brooks, makes the argument that the solution to America’s challenges starts in places like [insert-name-of-small-town-here]. It’s worth a read; find it here. His suggestion: the revolution is already underway and it’s not coming from the usual sources.

And if you’re confused about where Minot sits in this emerging political spectrum, think back to the #MakeMinot reform of the last four years. Which NYT perspective do you see playing out in Minot?

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David Brooks, New York Times


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