Oil Tax Trigger is Legislated Away, Goes to Governor

The House approved Senate version of an amended oil tax bill that will do away with oil price tax triggers. The volatility of oil prices combined with the low-price trigger created a lot of uncertainty in forecasting revenues for North Dakota. Full story from Amy Dalrymple.

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Gov. Dalrymple Signs Student Due Process Bill

From here forward, students and North Dakota Universities will have the right to be represented by an attorney when facing school disciplinary boards. Governor Dalrymple signed Senate Bill 2150 into law yesterday.

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New Governor’s Residence Gets Approval from House, Sent to Governor

It looks like Governor of North Dakota may be getting a new residence on the capitol grounds — unless Governor Dalrymple chooses not to sign the bill. The bill allocates $4million from to the project that’s contingent on raising another $1 million from private donations.

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Dalrymple Signs Bill for Enhanced Pipeline Safety

— Official News Release, Governor Dalrymple — Gov. Jack Dalrymple today signed into law House Bill 1358, legislation that will strengthen the state’s regulatory oversight of gathering pipelines for produced water and crude oil.  The bill includes enhancements for the prevention and detection of pipeline leaks and expands the state’s remediation and restoration program for

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Landowner Group Happy With Legislature

Leadership of the Northwest Landowners Association is pleased with the progress made in the 2015 legislative session. Several bills related to oil industry and pipelines were passed that will positively affect landowners. KX News has the full story.

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Republicans Propose Removing Oil Price Trigger in Exchange for Lower Rate

Republican legislators proposed a late-session bill that would remove the oil-tax price triggers from oil production tax equation in exchange for a slightly lower overall tax rate. Details from Mike Nowatzki.

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House Does End-Run Around the Senate To Pass Income Tax Cuts Anyway

We all know the world of politics is as much gamesmanship and savvy as it is issues and idealism. Want a peek at how it really works? Rob Port at Say Anything Blog provides the back-story and context surrounding the ND House’s passage of an income-tax bill.

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Dalrymple Signs Bill Establishing State Grant Program for Early Childhood Education

— Official News Release, Governor Dalrymple — Gov. Jack Dalrymple today signed into law Senate Bill 2151, establishing a state grant program for early childhood education. The bill provides $3 million in state grants to certified pre-kindergarten programs that serve low-income children. “This legislation is a great start,” Gov. Dalrymple said. “We’re confident that the

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