Sen. Jeff Magrum files 8 bills related to Summit Carbon Solutions pipeline

Summit Carbon Solutions has seeking approval to build a 2,000-mile network of carbon capture pipelines connecting several ethanol plants in the upper midwest to final storage locations West of Bismarck. But Senator Jeff Magrum has proposed a number of bills adding significant legislative oversight and hurdles to the proposed project. The bills pertain largely to

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A Swiss company says it has pulled CO2 out of the atmosphere and stored it underground

The thing about North Dakota’s energy production — it’s carbon intensive. We pull it from the earth, burn it, and release it into the atmosphere. That’s why environmentalists are down on coal and oil. But what if we had a method for capturing that carbon from the atmosphere and putting it back underground? Well, the

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UND’s energy center awarded $10 million to research capturing carbon dioxide

UND’s energy center is getting a big influx of federal dollars all with the purpose of improving the environmental sustainability of our coal-fired power plants. The money will be put to work researching ways to capture the carbon by-product of energy from coal. April Baumgarten with the Grand Forks Herald has the full story on

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SaskPower Launches Carbon Capture Test Facility Near Estevan

It’s one of those only-one-in-the-world facilities and it’s right up the road from Minot. Saskpower’s new high-tech carbon capture test facility is designed to test equipment, chemical innovation and engineering designs in a highly controlled environment.

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Saskatchewan Government Contiues Support for Boundary Dam Carbon Capturing

The coal-fueled power plant outside of Estevan is on the cutting edge of carbon capture research and a recent decision by the U.S. Dept. of Energy to discontinue research on a similar plant in Illinois won’t dissuade SaskPower from continuing research aimed at delivering cleaner energy.

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