Pentagon Preparing for Different Global Weather on Recurring Basis

If the climate is changing — and the pentagon isn’t saying it is because the lawmakers that approve their budgets don’t all agree on that — then the prudent thing to do would begin preparing. And so while they’re not sure if the climate is changing, they are making preparations. The L.A. Times has the

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America Must Build More Icebreakers or We’ll Lose the Battle for the Arctic

In the U.S., the lines have been drawn in the debate over climate science. But there are economic and security consequences in failing to prepare for what science tells us will be opportunities for shipping lanes and resources. It’s a little-considered perspective in the bigger debate.

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Watch: Is Climate Change Just A Lot Of Hot Air?

Are we experiencing more extreme weather? For those in Minot who flooded in 2011 following a  wet fall, a snowy winter, a rainy spring, and massive June rain event over Southeast Saskatchewan, there is some anecdotal evidence that suggests yes. But whether the weather is more extreme now than in decades past is hard to

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ND Game & Fish to Study Climate Change Impacts on Wildlife

  The North Dakota Game & Fish Department has accepted the idea that our climate is changing, and they’ve started the process of learning how those changes affect wildlife and habitat. Get the full story from the Fargo Forum.

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Obama Administration Plan Will Aim to Slash Methane Emissions

President Obama’s climate action plan is putting methane gas emissions that result from oil and gas exploration in his crosshairs. A proposal unveiled today would cut methane emissions by 45% by the year 2025.

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WATCH: If CO2 Emissions Were Visible…

Global warming or  global cooling, overblown media hype or apocalyptic future… whatever your take on the global climate change issue is, you can’t deny the fact that over the past 150 years or so our species has been adding things to the natural environment that weren’t previously there. One of the  results of those emissions is

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