Western wheat crop down by a third or more

The yields are starting to come in, and it’s what would be expected in a drought year. Numbers vary widely across the state, but in the areas with less rain, the yields per acre are down from the averages of the recent good years. The Bismarck Tribune has the story on the early data. Hopefully,

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Burgum declares statewide fire, drought emergency

Governor Burgum declared a statewide drought emergency; the action allows the National Guard to be activated if necessary. “These conditions present a serious threat to the health and safety of local area citizens and their personal property,” Burgum said in a statement. “Significant manpower and equipment will be required for response and recovery operations.”

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Drought and burn restrictions could block fireworks next month

The Fourth of July is fast approaching, but a spring and early summer without much rain have many Western counties contemplating burn bans and fireworks restrictions. Ellie Potter with the Dickinson Press has the story, which more on the burn ban story which is more prevalent in the SW part of the state.

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