Canadians Investing in Carbon Capture and Clean Coal Initiatives

A new carbon capture research center near Regina hopes to capitalize on being close to Estevan’s Shand Power Station. Located a few miles from Boundary Reservoir, the coal-fired Shand Power Plant is testing one of the world’s first commercial size carbon capture units.

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A pioneer in renewable energy is inexplicably abandoning the cause

Before the ‘green’ energy revolution takes over the world, it is going to have to first prove that is economically viable. That means standing on its own two feet, without the help of government subsidies. A conservative government in the UK is hastening that process.

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In The Bakken Oilfield, An Explosion In Electricity Demand

The present oil slowdown notwithstanding, electricity demand in North Dakota has grown significantly over the past decade and particularly in the Bakken region. And the increase in consumption has created challenges for utilities tasked with powering the region.

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Pro-Energy Policies Could Have Enormous Economic Impact

A study commissioned by American Petroleum Institute highlights the positive economic impacts well-crafted regulatory policy would have on the energy industry, the economy, and jobs. And conversely, it finds that bad regulatory policy will reduce jobs, tax revenue, and economic activity.

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SaskPower Launches Carbon Capture Test Facility Near Estevan

It’s one of those only-one-in-the-world facilities and it’s right up the road from Minot. Saskpower’s new high-tech carbon capture test facility is designed to test equipment, chemical innovation and engineering designs in a highly controlled environment.

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87 Turbine Wind Farm Near Beulah Approved

The Public Service Commission voted unanimously to grant the permit and allow the project to ┬ámove forward. The developer is Antelope Hills Wind Project LLC of Santa Barbara, CA.  

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