Sakakawea Salmon Spawning Complete

— Official News Release, ND Game & Fish Fisheries crews have completed their annual salmon spawning operation on the Missouri River System after collecting more than 2.5 million eggs. Dave Fryda, North Dakota Game and Fish Department Missouri River System supervisor, said crews easily collected enough eggs to stock the 400,000 smolts planned for Lake

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A 17-pound walleye is swimming in Lake Sakakawea

Every spring Game and Fish wardens trap fish on Lake Sakakawea and harvest their eggs for the fish hatchery. This year, trapped in those nets was a behemoth walleye. Mike McFeely writes of the tale that’s documented with pictures.

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Lake Audubon drought draw down plan sparks concerns

The snake creek embankment that separates Lake Sakakawea and Lake Audubon is more than 70 years old, and in 2005 it was put to a heavy test when the elevation differential between the two lakes reached 41 feet. The result of that differential sparked a concern within the Corps of Engineers that has now led

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Sakakawea’s Excess corps’ land back in Legislature’s scope

Last fall, the Corps of Engineers returned unneeded land along the shores of Lake Sakakawea back to the Three Affiliated Tribes. Now, legislation working its way through the 2017 session proposes to give land along the shore not in the reservation boundary back to private land owners. Lauren Donovan with the Bismarck Tribune has the story.

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MHA research commuter ferry as alternative transportation on reservation

The Three Affiliated Tribes are looking for creative solutions when it comes to solving the problem of long commutes on the reservation. One idea that’s being explored: a ferry between portions of tribal territory divided by Lake Sakakawea. If viable, they could be operating by next spring.

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Land Board: State not trying to Claim Sakakawea Minerals

Governor Dalrymple acting through the Land Board helped clarify the State’s position on mineral leasing practices under the Missouri River and Lake Sakakawea. Presently, the state Land Board leases minerals under the river, but not under the lake. This policy was affirmed Tuesday.

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Corp of Engineers Sponsor Public Forum on Sakakawea Pipelines

There already several pipelines under Lake Sakakawea and several more are in the planning and review stages. And the Corp of Engineers was in Garrison on Monday night to listen to the concerns of the public. Kim Fundingsland has the story.

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A Minnesotan Sailed for His Life on Lake Superior

Anyone who’s spent more than a little time on North Dakota’s ‘big lake’ knows that prairie storms come up quick and pack a big punch. Here’s one boater’s experience on another lake that serves as a warning and an exciting read.

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