Garbage Rates to Rise March 1

Minot City Council took action on garbage and landfill rates on Monday night. The larger your bin, the larger your rate increase with increases of a dollar for the largest 95-gallon bins and 50 cents for smaller bins. Plus, we’re building a new landfill cell at a cost of $2.35 million. Jill Schramm with The

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No smell here: Landfills expanding methane gas collections with new twists

Deep in the bowels of a landfill, microorganisms go to work on decomposing our trash. One byproduct of their effort is methane gas. In Fargo, the City invested in capturing that methane almost 18 years ago. Today, that investment is starting to pay dividends. Check out this article by Barry Amundson for more outside perspectives

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City withdraws application to rezone property near landfill

The City of Minot has issued a news release regarding Monday night’s Planning Commission vote to deny a rezoning application that was the first step in a possible expansion of the City’s regional landfill operation in SW Minot. The full news release follows below. —- Official News Release, City of Minot —- The City of Minot

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Dunn County Residents Fail to Regain Approval Rights of Landfills

A proposed ordinance reinstating some neighboring landowner provisions in the establishment of a landfill failed to gain approval. Full  details from the Bismarck Tribune.

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Winnipeg Residents Recycled More than Ever in 2014

In 2014, Winnipeg residents diverted record amounts of recyclable material away from their permanent landfill. The revised recycling program that implemented separate bins for trash and recyclables is now two years old and the investment is paying off.

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Filter Socks Found in Williston

More than a hundred filter socks were discovered sitting on a trailer at an oil-field service company in Williston. The socks had very low-level radiation and it is believed there was no risk of dangerous exposure.

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Citizens Crowd Dunn County Meeting to Reinstate Zoning Rule

Dunn County landowners spoke loudly, and county ordinances will likely be revised as a result. The goal, give landowners within a half-mile of proposed landfill a vote on whether to allow construction.

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Health Department Proposal Revises Policy on Storage of Radioactive Oil Field Waste

In shaping the proposal the Department of Health reached out to the Argonne National Laboratory in Illinois to help make a determination of what is safe for landfill workers. The new plan would allow larger landfills to accept radioactive waste with a permit.

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