City withdraws application to rezone property near landfill

The City of Minot has issued a news release regarding Monday night’s Planning Commission vote to deny a rezoning application that was the first step in a possible expansion of the City’s regional landfill operation in SW Minot. The full news release follows below.

—- Official News Release, City of Minot —-

The City of Minot has withdrawn a request to rezone two quarters of land near the City Landfill as part of a long term expansion plan.

In withdrawing the application, City Manager Tom Barry said he wants to make sure the City
continues to recognize and address concerns raised by members of the public.

“I’d like to slow the process down and give the staff and community an opportunity to come together to discuss and resolve as many issues and concerns as we can,” Barry said. “Therefore, I have directed staff to withdraw the City’s application to rezone the landfill expansion property to create the time and space needed to encourage those discussions.”

The Minot Planning Commission on Monday voted 8-2 to recommend the full City Council deny a proposal by the City of Minot Public Works Department to rezone land the City purchased to the east and south of the current landfill. The City is seeking to rezone the land from agriculture to public as part of a long term plan to permit and expand the landfill.

The City’s request and the Planning Commission’s recommendation will not be on the agenda for Monday’s regular City Council meeting.

“First and foremost, we want to ensure that we have a good process and are doing our due diligence,” Barry said. “We want to take our time and address all the concerns of the neighborhood, including hosting neighborhood meetings.”

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