Retail sector creating big winners and big losers

With news yesterday of Dressbarn’s closing we have yet another example of how much the retail sector is changing. But not all retailers are struggling; those that are adapting to new shopping practices are thriving. One example is Target as illustrated in this article from the Star Tribune. And these types of stories invite the

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Everyone hates passwords. Good news: They’re about to die

If you’re among the high percentage of people who use ‘password’ for your password, don’t worry — your days of the annoying security prompts are numbered. It turns out passwords aren’t the best or even the expected security solution for the future; check out the article linked below from Fast Company to see where we’re

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Google Takes on Cable With ‘YouTube TV’—40 Channels for $35

It’s a cord cutters delight — 40 channels you can watch directly through Youtube or your internet connected device. If you’re a limited TV viewer and just want the basics, this another competitive option in the cable television marketplace.

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Life Online: Cybersecurity report sent to governor

The State of North Dakota is taking steps to protect itself from cyber threats. A report issued by an interim cybersecurity task force has outlined ten recommendations for the state. of most note is the need for the state to act in whole to protect data rather than having individual agencies working to guard their

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TV And Videogames Rewire Young Brains, For Better And Worse

Technology is changing us. New evidence suggests that increased screen time at a young age rewires the brain to need more stimulation in order to really get it cranking. Whether this is a good or bad thing, remains unknown to researchers as there are indicators that suggest both benefit and detriment.

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Google will try to starve fake news sites of ad dollars

Few would question the significant impact the news and media had on our last election cycle; even fewer would say the impact was positive. In reaction, Google has set a policy that will attempt to starve disingenuous publishers of the thing they need most — ad revenue.

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10 Internet Safety Rules to Teach Children Before They Go Online

The rise of the Internet and pervasively available technology has created opportunities and challenges across the spectrum. And that includes with raising kids. Most parents are figuring it out as they go, but if you’re just getting started, here’s a primer on the lessons your kid needs to know.

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Be Aware: Minot Police Warn Residents of Traffic Violation Email Scam

The Minot Police Department is warning residents to be on the lookout for an email scam telling recipients they’ve committed a traffic violation. Law enforcement agencies do not notify citizens of violations via email. The full news release on the story follows below. — Official News Release, Minot Police Department — The Minot Police Department

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New Zealand has Outlawed Internet Trolling and Online Bullying

The language of the law prohibits sending digital communications that cause “serious emotional distress” and conviction could lead to significant fines and jail time. Commentary: It will be interesting to see if this can be successfully enforced. More details from Quartz.

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Google Wants to Line Your city Streets With Wi-Fi, Should Minot Reach Out?

A new R&D arm of Google is looking bring the latest Wi-Fi technology to city streets. Considering the communication benefits, the disaster resiliency planning that is now taking place, and the fact that downtown Minot is getting an infrastructure overhaul — should Minot reach out?

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Mike Rowe: On the Insane Reaction of Internet and the American Work Ethic

Mike Rowe again provides thoughtful commentary on Amercian culture and he’s not take some heat for what he says. And occasionally he takes heat because the ideologues don’t know how to read an entire article. Here he chimes in on the only-read-the-title and other Internet crazies while providing some valuable perspective on the changing American work ethic.

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Watch: 19 Ways to Not Suck on the Internet

The Internet can be a powerful place, even more so if it is used for good. But it is also new, which means were still learning what not to do. Here’s the latest good advice on the collective wisdom we’ve so far acquired on how to be a good Internet citizen.

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Facebook is Now Watching Your Lurking

Most Facebook users know that their personal news feed is not made up of the latest stories. A complicated algorithm that measures what you click and like actually selects the stories in your feed, and now lurking over a story will be counted as well.

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A Step-by-Step guide to Successfully Sharing Your Thoughts on Facebook

Don’t worry, if you’re not on the social network, this won’t convince you to join. But if you’re there and want to laugh at yourself, or if you’re not and want a taste, check this quick, cynics guide.

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Watch: Ever Wondered What it Really Means to ‘Photoshop’ a Picture?

The digital age has made the centuries-old art of photography a lot harder to trust. You’ve no doubt heard the term ‘photoshop’ used to describe the process of editing an image — well, now you can see exactly how that works and what expert users are capable of.  It’s  

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Local Journalism in the Digital Age

Small communities have some critical information needs, and the changing media landscape has created some challenges for those in the communication profession. And there seems to be a correlation between healthy communities healthy local journalism outlets.

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