State asks Minnesota Residents to weigh safety & environment when salting slick surfaces

Slippery roads and sidewalks are a big risk in wintertime, and there’s no better way to deal with them than adding a little salt. But for every action, there is a consequence, and when all that salt is added up, it’s having an impact on lakes and rivers. That’s what our Eastern neighbors in Minnesota

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Mac & Cheese Cupcakes? Minnesota State Fair Pitches 50 New Foods

One of the biggest attractions for the Minnesota State Fair is the food, and they have just released the list of newly inspired and hopefully delicious that will be appearing at the September fair for the first time. Do not read this article if you’re hungry.

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Sandpiper Pipeline Receives ‘Certificate of Need’ Permit

The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission granted a certificate of need permit to Enbridge. This permit certifies the need to move oil via pipeline. The next piece of the equation is the routing permit which is expected to take several more months.

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Minnesota: Lawmakers Take First Look at Liquor Reform

Lawmakers in Minnesota appear to have a growing appetite for getting alcohol policy right. It’s a subject The Minot Voice will be getting into in the future; articles like this are here to provide your future self with some topical context.

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Bills Proposed in Minnesota to Change Drinking Age

A Minnesota legislator is taking aim at the state’s antiquated alcohol laws and her ideas are generating a buzz. The gist — lower the drinking age to 18 and bring youth drinking out in the open where we have a better chance of teaching responsible behavior.

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Enbridge Pipeline Slowed Down in Minnesota

A proposed oil pipeline¬†will be slowed down to explore alternative routes through Northern Minnesota. The Minnesota Public Utilities Commission denied a motion by Enbridge that would have expedited approval of the pipeline’s route.

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