Bill to Encourage Use of Natural Gas Vehicles

The bill would provide financial incentives to retail locations that install natural gas filling equipment and grants to consumers who purchase or convert vehicles to run on natural gas. Full details from

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Flaring: Satellite Imagery of Western North Dakota

This is an older story, but it deserves to be in place to help contextualize the next article from the Williston Herald. Take a quick peek, the pictures will give you the most sense of the issue.

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Flaring: Are We Wasting a Valuable Resource

It’s one of the big questions in the oil field, and you only have to look at a satellite image of Western North Dakota to get the idea that we must be burning a lot of gas, and money.

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Capturing the Value of the Bakken’s Natural Gas

An informative look at the Bakken’s growing natural gas industry and investment companies looking convert the resource into bankable assets.

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