Minot Judge Among Three Named to Fill ND Supreme Court Vacancy

North Central District Judge Stacey Louser’s name was put forward by a panel offering Governor Burgum three candidates for a soon-to-be-vacant ND Supreme Court seat. The open seat was created by the retirement of Chief Justice Gerald VandeWalle. VandeWalle is retiring after more than four decades on the court and 27 years as Chief Justice.

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North Dakota Supreme Court Criminalizes Saying No to DUI Tests

The penalty for saying no to a breathalyser or blood test is now officially a criminal offence. Catch the details on the court case and commentary from Rob Port and Say Anything Blog.com.

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ND Chief Justice Addresses Legislature, Asks for More Judges & Staff

Chief Justice  Gerald VandWalle spoke before the Legislature on Wednesday. The message: we need more help in the form of people. VandeWalle called for four new judges and 15 additional staff members to help, particularly in oil-impacted counties.

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VandeWalle Elected Chief Justice of N.D. Supreme Court

Gerald VandeWalle was elected to a fifth five-year term as the Chief Justice of the N.D. Supreme Court. VandeWalle was first elected to the court in 1978.

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