World’s oldest runestone found in Norway, archaeologists believe

A remarkable rock was found in a grave field west of Oslo recently. Known as a runestone, it’s the writing and the date that makes it special, and this one is really special because it may be the oldest example yet discovered of writing and the runic alphabet in Scandinavia. Get the full story on

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All aboard for winter adventure in Voss, Norway

With Minot home to the Norsk Hostfest, we’re pretty much obligated to bring you stories about Scandinavia. And in case, in the heart of winter, you’re dreaming of getting away to another winter wonderland, it’s a ski trip to Norway that you need to know about. It’s the country that’s said to have invented skiing

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Oslo, Norway is Further North Than Us, But Far Less Frigid

WDAY Meteorologist John Wheeler explains it in the Inforum article linked below. But basically, Oslo (and the rest of Western Europe) get that warm Atlantic Ocean air. Here in North Dakota, we get a lot of that air that isn’t warmed up by the ocean. The result: places that are a lot further North with

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Commentary: 7 Myths about Scandinavia’s Social Democratic ‘Paradise’

Scandanavian countries are often held as examples of successful socialism. But for one political commentator, the ‘success’ part is debatable, and the reasons for whatever success are less about socialism and more about the fact that those practicing it are, well, Scandanavian.

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Norway’s Capital City is Building a Highway for Bees

Norway’s capitol city Oslo is taking losses in honey bee colonies seriously; or, they’re using it as an excuse to brighten up the place with flowering insect rest stops. Either way, it sounds like an environmentally aesthetic two-for-one.

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Norwegian Family Shares Experiences From Living in Grand Forks

Norway and North Dakota are separated by thousands of miles and an ocean, but the connections still remain strong even generations after the initial wave of immigration. Here’s the story of one modern Norwegian family’s immigration to the North Dakota and their connection to the past.

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Oil Slump Threatens Easy Life of Affluent Norwegians

High oil prices and abundant supply led to a decade of job and income security for many Norwegians, but the dip in the market is changing things a bit.

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