Pipeline System That Leaked At Risk Of Future Failures, Regulators Say

Estimates of a pipeline spill from back in December are growing in size, and the early conclusions of regulators investigating the incident are increasingly troubling. Amy Dalrymple has the report on the Belle Fourche Pipeline spill that’s now estimated to have released approximately 530,000 gallons. The initial cause is believed to be slumping ground; it’s also possible

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Blacktail spill haunts Summit Midstream’s latest project

At this time two years ago, the gathering system pipeline operated by Summit Midstream near Blacktail Creek North of Williston was probably leaking. It wouldn’t be discovered until January of 2015 when the resulting spill became the largest in North Dakota history. Today, the company finds themselves in the role of example for the industry

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North Dakota Wrestles With Brine Spills Amid Oil Shale

We love the economic impacts of oil development, but we’re still getting a handle on some of the environmental impacts, saltwater spills being one of the most significant. A USGS report on the full environmental impacts of oil development in the Bakken is coming later this year. Until then, this article is a great primer

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ND considers new oil, gas rules, Regulations aim to reduce spills

The percentage of oil field spills that are contained on the drilling pad is heading in the wrong direction. That and other trends like the transition of ownership of saltwater gathering systems from operators to hedge funds has the Industrial Commission looking at new regulations.

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ND Department of Health Sets New Guidelines for Salt Water Spills

The state Department of Health is going to issue guidelines regarding the remediation of saltwater spills. The goal is to make sure everyone has the same set of rules and that standards are consistent across all spills and locations.

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Is the State Doing Enough to Prevent Oil Spills?

News broke last month that the pipe responsible for the largest oil and saltwater spill in North Dakota history likely leaked for more than three months. It forces us to ask: is our regulatory policy incentivizing spill prevention? Rob Port takes on the issue in this story.

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Blacktail Creek Spill: Pipeline Allegedly Leaked for More Than 3 Months

It’s been almost a year since the discovery of a saltwater and oil spill on Blacktail Creek near Williston. In the days after the discovery, we learned that it was likely the largest spill in North Dakota history.  And now, as the state’s investigation draws to a close, we are starting to draw some conclusions

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Looking in on North Dakota’s ‘Hands Off’ Approach To Pipeline Reclamation

Journalist Kevin Killough takes a closer look at North Dakota’s regulatory environment regarding pipelines, especially those that are serving the Bakken region. His conclusion — taking a partnership approach rather than an adversarial one has served the state well.

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Body of Evidence: How the White Pelican Spreads Oil

The Brown Pelican became the symbol of the BP oil spill, but the White Pelican is offering clues to its lasting impact on bird populations. And North Dakota researchers are participating in the process. Title photo by Joel Sartore.

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Lightning Strikes Fiberglass Tank, Causes Brine 440 Barrel (13,000 Gallon) Brine Spill

A lightning strike on a well-site fiberglass tank led to a brine spill last week. It’s the third such spill in the last year involving fiberglass tanks. More details from the Williston Herald.

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EPA Investigating 2014 Mandaree Oil Spill

The EPA has opened an investigation into a pipeline spill that took place last summer near Bear Den Bay and Mandaree. The spill released ~1,000,000 gallons (~32,000 barrels) of produced water — some of which ended up in Lake Sakakawea.

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Oil Spill: Paddlefish Test Clean

Muscle tissue and eggs from 30 paddlefish snagged this spring have come back clear of any lingering effects from an oil spill in the Yellowstone River in Montana last January. State Game and Fish Department fisheries chief Greg Power said Game and Fish and North Star Caviar, a nonprofit group that processes paddlefish eggs into

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Produced Water Pipeline Spill Reported Near Mandaree

The pipeline spill is believed to have released ~220,000 gallons (~7,000 barrels) of produced water into a field. No direct impacts to waterways or water sources have been observed. More from The Dickinson Press.

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Official: Some of 63,000-gallon brine spill has reached lake

A 63,000 gallon — 2,000 barrel pipeline spill has resulted in some water entering a tributary and likely finding its way into Smishek Lake. Smishek Lake is near Powers Lake, about 75 miles West Northwest of Minot.

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Landowner Group Happy With Legislature

Leadership of the Northwest Landowners Association is pleased with the progress made in the 2015 legislative session. Several bills related to oil industry and pipelines were passed that will positively affect landowners. KX News has the full story.

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ND Dept. of Health: Pipeline Leak in Burke County

Most of the leaked brine water has been recovered, but the spill did impact a wetland. In total, 500 barrels (15,750 gallons) spilled, 475  barrels (14, 962 gallons) have been reportedly recovered. The full news release from the Department of Health follows. — Official News Release, ND Department of Health — BISMARCK, N.D. – The

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