Why workers are reluctant to come to Minnesota, but stay once they’re here

When it comes to migration in and out, attracting talent, especially out of places that have a bit more allure, what does the data actually say? In Minnesota, they’re trying to figure that out. What they’re discovering is that it’s hard to get people to come, but once they get here, they stay. Sound familiar?

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Rural Youth Chase Big-City Dreams

Out-migration of young people from the prairie is not a new phenomenon. Growing up here in the 80’s and 90’s, I can attest to the fact that North Dakota youth have been hearing about this problem going back at least 30 years. This past summer, Dante Chinni with The Wall Street Journal did a feature

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Survey: Most out-of-state oil workers not interested in moving to ND

A survey conducted by researchers at NDSU found that most oil-field workers do not want to stay in North Dakota. And for those who are interested, the cost of housing has been a major deterrent. The survey took place in 2014-2015.

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Oil patch sees exodus of retirees

The rise in population and community turbulence from growth in the oil patch created a problem few foresaw– out-migration of retirees. Lauran Donovan has the story on a trend that’s changing the fabric of many small towns.

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