A Floodable Bridge? Recreational uses with flood protection benefits

What does it take to get people across a river without creating an obstruction to waterflow that becomes a hazard during flooding? How about a bridge designed to go underwater that does a good job of letting water pass? If you’re curious, check out the article linked below from UrbanNext. It’s an idea we in

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Another riverwalk master plan promises to breathe life into a city center

These stories are becoming pretty common. Communities across the continent are recognizing their past mistakes and current opportunities and revitalizing their riverfronts. The question in Minot is will we follow this sound thinking, or will we be left behind? Check out the full Riverwalk concept from Brampton, Ontario below. Get the full story from local

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Fargo City Leaders OK Downtown Riverside Master Plan

Fargo leaders are pushing for a downtown convention center and recreation centers that turn the Red River into a key attraction for the city. Here in Minot we have a┬ásimilar concept was released not long ago, the River Front and Center plan.  

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