A Floodable Bridge? Recreational uses with flood protection benefits

What does it take to get people across a river without creating an obstruction to waterflow that becomes a hazard during flooding? How about a bridge designed to go underwater that does a good job of letting water pass?

If you’re curious, check out the article linked below from UrbanNext. It’s an idea we in Minot should take note of. We’re building a billion dollar flood protection project, and we need to do that, but engnineering ideas like floodable bridges can mitgate the when-we-are-not-flooding-costs created by the project. If you’re not aware, it’s most of the time that we aren’t flooding, and it’s in those moments when recreatiing along and near the river is a positive thing!

And for what it’s worth, this isn’t just a design concept. This bridge was really built and is being used in Manlleau, Spain. There’s lots more pictures at the UrbanNext article.

This article was sourced from:

Andrés Flajszer, Urban Next


Josh Wolsky

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