$370 million for road maintenance and construction for ND DOT this year

The price tag for keeping our roads in shape is nothing to joke about. This year’s $370 million DOT budget is in line with past year’s budgets of $380 million and $360 million. These numbers are down considerably from oil-boom years when annual budgets exceeded $700 million. Catch up with the full coverage below from

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25 reasons not to widen freeways

Our neighbors to the West are wrestling with a question of widening a freeway through their downtown corridor. It’s not much of a news topic; stories like this have been an afterthought for most cities and citizens for the past 50 years — when traffic gets bad we widen roads. But this story is different.

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Regina to Estevan Passing lanes draw criticism from committees

Our Canadian neighbors have been discussing a dramatic improvement to the road that connects Estevan to Regina. In Canada, the improvement is call twinning, here in the states, we’d call it four-laning. Whatever the language, and improvement to the road would solidify Minot’s position on an important trade corridor. But it seems the Canadians are

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It’s Time to Raise the Gas Tax

WIth roads and bridges in need of repair, Rob Port with the Say Anything Blog becomes an unlikely proponent of an increase in the state’s gas tax. Read his arguments here.

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Dickinson looks at road recycling practices

In Dickinson this week, a 3,000-foot section of road was rebuilt in just two days. The project was used as a demonstration of a road-recycling process that may deliver significant cost savings and increased efficiency. The Dickinson Press has the story on a topic that’s relevant everywhere — better roads that cost less money.

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Scientists are developing road surfaces that can de-ice themselves

  Scientists in Turkey are working on what is best described as a salt-infused road surface that has proven effective in reducing the formation of ice on the surface.

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ND DOT Launches DUI Crash Victim Memorial Website

The North Dakota Department of Transporation has launched an awareness initiative focused on the people and lives that have been changed in an instant on North Dakota roads. The message is simple and strong: slow down, put your phone away, buckle up, and don’t drink and drive. Visit the ND Code for The Road Website

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North Dakota to Spend $40 Million on Highway 2 Between Minot & Williston

  Highway 2 between Minot and Williston was converted to four lanes in 2008; the road was expected to last 20 years. But heavy use by the growing oil-industry has required rewriting that schedule.

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Heitkamp Holds Meeting to Address State’s Infrastructure Issues

— Official News Release, Senator Heitkamp — Continuing the work through her Strong & Safe Communities Initiative, U.S. Senator Heidi Heitkamp today joined local community leaders to discuss the importance of building and expanding roads and bridges across the state to improve safety and keep up with the increase of traffic on the roads. Joined

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Canada: Estevan Highway Moving Towards Double Lanes

The first portion of a project to double-lane the Canadian arm of Highway 52 will get underway this summer. The goal is to open a trade corridor between the U.S. and Canada; the complete project is expected to take many years.

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