Minnesota planners begin to envision driverless future

We can resist it however we want, the world we live in is going to change around us. One change that’s virtually guaranteed, driverless cars. They’ll be safer, more efficient, and more convenient, and that will equal adoption by consumers. So if they’re coming, perhaps we should be planning for them? In Minnesota, they are.

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A look inside the small US towns that will be crushed by the trucking revolution

Disruption is coming. Automated cars have been a regular topic here on The Minot Voice, and that will continue. The reason, the technology is going to reshape the base fabric of this country. One of the likely less considered implications, how the transition to self-driving technology will change the small towns and roadside truck stops

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The world’s first crewless ship will launch next year

Automation is coming; there’s nothing to be done about it. Why? Because it will be safer and more efficient. There’s no way to stop evolution toward those values. And it won’t just be cars and trucks. The video below tells the story of technology that’s already available, this ship is in production. The question we

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Self-Driving Cars Mean Cops Won’t Have Excuses to Pull People Over

Self-driving cars are coming; there’s nothing to be done about it. Automation, in general, is going to radically remake the way we live our lives and our society, and if we look at self-driving cars as one of the early dominoes, the challenge then becomes what are the second, third, and fourth cultural dominoes that

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Congress Working on National Self-Driving Car Regulations

The U.S. Congress has finally acknowledged that self-driving cars are coming whether we’re afraid of them or not. And if that’s the case, then we should probably have a few laws and regulations that govern the who, how, and when they’re operated. And as lawmakers are quickly finding out, self-driving cars not only a new

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Self-Driving Cabs on the Way, London trials driverless shuttle service

The driverless future will force us to rethink a lot of the ways we operate in and around our community, and Minot will not be immune to the changes. As evidence, London is already trialing a driverless shuttle program. If it’s there now — we’re probably five years behind here. Get the story from the

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ND could be especially affected by self-driving cars

A report from the Center for Global Policy Solutions suggests North Dakota’s economy and workers have a better chance of being disrupted by the adoption of self-driving cars. Car manufacturers and technology companies alike are in a race to get to the market first, and the cultural impacts of adopting this technology will be as transformative as

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Autonomous, Self-Driving Cars are Coming, Want to Know When?

Whether you like it or not, car manufacturers, tech companies, and ride sharing companies are competing like crazy to win the race to deliver the fully autonomous, self-driving car. This technology is coming and there’s nothing we can do about it. But if you want to see some prognostication on when, check out this article

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