Uber Service Starting Today in Fargo

The wildly successful ride-sharing service arrives in North Dakota today. Yesterday, we published a piece on how the self-driving car revolution will be here sooner than we realize and here’s the first evidence pointing in that direction.

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Commentary: Autonomous Cars Will Reshape Economy in the Next Decade

When you start thinking about how many jobs in this country are dependent on driving, you start to get an idea of how significant this technology will be as it arrives. And here’s some commentary from one guy who thinks the revolution is already upon us.

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Self-Driving Cars: And Now You Can Add Semi-Tractors Too!

The truck is licensed as an autonomous vehicle in the state of Nevada, and it’s more of a transitional step on the path to self-driving. The vehicle can operate without a driver, but the technology’s primary goal is to assist the operator and reduce fatigue.

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Self Driving Taxis: How Would They Affect the World

Data analysis shows that a single self-driving taxi would be able to replace as many as 10 privately owned vehicles. Efficiencies on that scale will be attractive to private sector businesses, which meansĀ — it’s not a matter of if, but when this technology will be adopted.

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Riding in the Self Driving Mercedes-Benz F 015

We’ve covered self-driving cars in the past because it looks like they’re a big part of the future, but this article give you a chance to actually get inside of one. It’s not yet even a concept car, MercedesĀ is calling it a ‘research’ car, and the ideas they’re researching are cool!

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Google Could Start Shuttling People in Self Driving Cars This Year

News: Google may let the public start using their self-driving cars in small trials as early this year. Commentary: This technology is closer than you realize. Know someone who makes a living as a driver? Tell them they should start game-planning their next career.

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Self-Driving Trucks Will Happen, Probably Sooner Than You Think

The world we’re heading towards is a world of automation, and the truck driving industry is no exception. Prototype trucks already exist, and the economics of fleet management will likely incentivize the transition. See what the future looks like in this article from Quartz.

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6 things I Learned from Riding in a Google Self-Driving Car

This technology is closer than you realize, so close that our lawmakers will be taking it this legislative session with a bill that sets the State’s initial policy. Get the lowdown on the technology from The Oatmeal, one of the Internet’s best.

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