Trump administration is reevaluating Obama era rules for self-driving cars

Elain Chao, U.S. Transporation Secretary, said her department would be taking a second look at regulations designed to shepherd our transition to self-driving cars. One of her larger concerns is the need to educate a skeptical public on how the vehicles and industry changes will impact the general public.

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Watch: Uber’s Self-Driving Truck Makes Its First Delivery: 50,000 Beers

Self-driving cars have been in the news a lot recently, and there’s no doubt there coming. But an equally big cultural shift will take place in the shipping industry — self-driving trucks. And this shift won’t be at the whim of consumer sensibilities — industry will move this forward because it’s safer and more efficient.

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U.S. Government: Google’s self-driving cars now legal drivers

In the eyes of the National Highway Traffic Safety Association, the computer inside of Google’s self-driving cars is now a legal driver. If you’ve had your eyes closed, open them now — this technology is closer than you realize.

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Google’s self-driving cars are learning to deal with bad weather

They day when you don’t have to worry about driving your car — because it will drive itself — is closer than you realize. Google is testing their vehicles in harsh climates to make sure they can handle winter driving.  Maybe we should be inviting Google to Minot?

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Google’s Self-Driving Cars Might be too Good at Braking for Cyclists

Every driver has been frustrated by a four-way stop stand-off, but what would you do if there were no driver in the other car? Apparently, Google’s self-driving cars are too good at yielding the right-of-way to cyclists; the cyclists didn’t mind.

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Driverless Taxis Could Already Be Cheaper Than Cabs

Does the idea of a self-driving car make you nervous? You’ll need to start getting over it, because the economics of this technology make it a virtual certainty. The questions isn’t if it will happen, but how soon? Motherboard has the latest on the cost savings.

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Google’s Self-Driving Cars on On the Road in California

This technology is closer than we all realize. And here’s the thing, these cars have actually been on the road for a while and have also been involved in 12 accidents. In each case, it was the human drivers who were at fault.  

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Google’s Plan to Eliminate Human Driving in 5 Years

While most car companies are taking an evolutionary approach to implementing automated controls in cars, Google is betting the moon shot. They’re investing heavily in a concept that a radical cultural shift will take place when the vehicles are ready.

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