Theodore Roosevelt National Park holds bison roundup in South Unit

The bison in Teddy Roosevelt National Park are a major attraction, but because the park is limited in size and fenced, it’s not able to support a bison population of unlimited size. That means bison management practices are required from time to time, and this fall is one of those occasions. Many of the animals

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Judge refuses to stop gravel pit overlooking Elkhorn Ranch

A Federal judge has denied a conservation group’s request for an injunction that would have stopped a gravel mining operation near the site of Teddy Roosevelt’s Elkhorn Ranch. The gravel operation is allowed to open five-acre tracts at a time.

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Theodore Roosevelt National Park makes N.Y. Times’ travel list

Theodore Roosevelt National Park rang in at number 5 on the New York Times list of 52 places to see in 2016. The park is justĀ a three-hour drive from Minot into the scenic western part of the state and is worth a trip any time of year.

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Four Sites Released as New Options for North Unit Visitor Center

The visitor center for the North Unit of Theodore Roosevelt National Park was abandoned in 2013 because slumping land led to structural issues. Since then, work has progressed towards building a new visitor center and the park is now asking for input on four potential sites.

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Biologist at Teddy Roosevelt National Park Hopes to Slow Horse Reproduction

The hope is to slow the growth of the Park’s wild horse herd, but the work is experimental and being tested for the first time.

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