Grand Forks: Transportation survey could make case for Uber, Lyft in Grand Forks

Grand Forks is going to consider allowing app-driven ridesharing services such as Uber and Lyft into town, but first they’re going to gather data from the citizens — and specifically UND students — to see if they can determine how people are getting around town. Check out the full article to see how the City

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Uber Service Starting Today in Fargo

The wildly successful ride-sharing service arrives in North Dakota today. Yesterday, we published a piece on how the self-driving car revolution will be here sooner than we realize and here’s the first evidence pointing in that direction.

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Uber Says it Will Roll Out Service in N.D.

Uber is a tech-focused ride and cab service that connects private contractors (car owners) with people who want a ride. The new business model is proving problematic for cab companies and regulators aimed at protecting riders.

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Fargo Commissioners Decide to have Separate laws for Taxis & Ride Sharing Companies

If you haven’t heard of Uber, it’s a smartphone app that connects people with cars to people who need rides, and it’s dramatically changing the nature of the taxi business. It is likely Minot will need to address this issue soon.

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Heading to Vegas Anytime Soon?

The odds are pretty good that you’ll get hoodwinked by unscrupulous cab driver. Get informed, get a laugh, and get a clear picture of government bureaucracy doing some of its finest work all in this one article.

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