Work to start next spring on $1B water pipeline for Red River Valley

The legal fight over NAWS — and its eminent conclusion — are paving the way for another Missouri River water supply project with cross-border implications. The Red River Water Supply Project got $30 million from the legislature. When completed, it will move water from the Missouri River to the Sheyenne River and is designed to

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Lisbon wins tap water taste test in ND

When it comes to the non-taste of water, Lisbon takes the top spot on the podium. The taste-test competition takes place annually at the North Dakota Water & Pollution Control Conference.

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Law makers, officials seek solution over Red River water supply project McClusky Canal hurdle

The proposed (and partially funded) Red River water supply project draws water from the McClusky Canal. But in years of extreme drought, the Corp of Engineers is proposing to lower the operating level of Lake Audubon. That puts the water supply in jeopardy. What are the solutions? Lawmakers and project officials are looking for them.

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Popular central Minnesota lakes near ‘tipping points’ for water quality

Minnesota is the land of 10,000 lakes; many of them offer weekend respite and retirement hideaways. But an environmental threat is putting a few of them at risk. High nutrient loads in the water are the problem, and the solutions are a lot less expensive if they’re enacted before the tipping point is passed. Read

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Lake Audubon drought Plan draws Red River Valley commentary

A proposed Corp of Engineers plan to reduce the operating elevation of Lake Audubon during periods of extended drought has caught the attention of those in the Eastern part of the state. Back in 2005, the operating elevations between Lake Audubon and Lake Sakakawea reached 41 feet; the difference between the two lakes raised concerns

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WAWS Work Likely To Slow With Tighter State Budget

The Western Area Water supply was a grand plan designed to bring Missouri River water to a huge portion of Northwest North Dakota. Financed by the legislature and industrial water sales, the project hasn’t been without controversy, but hook ups are continuing. This legislative session, WAWS will be seeking an additional 29 million to keep

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Son of Democratic icon visits protest camp | |

The son of 1960’s political icon Bobby Kennedy was at the Standing Rock Protest Camps Tuesday to stand in solidarity with protestors fighting the Dakota Access Pipeline. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is an environmental law attorney and heads the international Water Alliance.

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Read Now: City of Minot on Mandatory Water Restriction

Users of Minot’s municipal water are being instructed to restrict water usage. This restriction is for any outdoor use such as lawn watering or car washing. Effective Friday, May 20th, this restriction will include, in addition to lawn watering and personal car washing, any commercial car washing or irrigation use. Failure to comply with the

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