Oslo, Norway is Further North Than Us, But Far Less Frigid

WDAY Meteorologist John Wheeler explains it in the Inforum article linked below. But basically, Oslo (and the rest of Western Europe) get that warm Atlantic Ocean air. Here in North Dakota, we get a lot of that air that isn’t warmed up by the ocean. The result: places that are a lot further North with

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North Dakota in the crosshairs of a major winter storm

They said it was coming. At this hour, it hasn’t fully arrived, but based on the latest atmospheric data, it’s only a matter of time before something hits us. These storms are nothing to be taken lightly; they’re also opportunities to see earth’s systems in play as never before. The website ventusky.com has gathered together

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Ward County asks N.D. board to stop cloud-seeding

Yesterday, the Ward County Commission voted unanimously to discontinue the County’s weather modification program for the rest of the year. This article on the story comes from the Grand Forks Herald — particularly local coverage. ¬†But in the article, you’ll find a bit more scientific context (along¬†with a bit of honest commentary) on the theory

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Preparing for Disaster During Severe Storm Season

  There isn’t a season where we can really not worry about the weather in North Dakota, but different times of the year bring different concerns. The summer season of severe storms is upon us, and a refresher on what you need to know is always helpful.

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