North Dakota in the crosshairs of a major winter storm

They said it was coming. At this hour, it hasn’t fully arrived, but based on the latest atmospheric data, it’s only a matter of time before something hits us.

These storms are nothing to be taken lightly; they’re also opportunities to see earth’s systems in play as never before. The website has gathered together data from around the globe, literally, and woven it into a tool that beautifully presents the real-time data. Check it out below.

What you’re looking at is windspeed at approximately 30,000 feet. Clearly, something is coming our way. For the latest from the national weather service, check out this link here. Beyond that, be prepared, and be careful.

Weather Forecast MapsWind speed, 500 hPa, 5500 m, 38°N 102°W, 2022/12/13 9:00 AM (UTC−06:00), ©

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