Is New Technology Making Used Wind Turbine Blades Recyclable?

Not that long ago, a story popular in certain political circles was pointing out the challenge that comes with landfilling and disposing of wind-turbine blades at the end of their lives. With over 60,000 turbines across the country, and blades more than 100 feet long, it’s no small problem. But fast forward a couple of

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Wind developers urge Nebraska senators to streamline process

When it comes to wind energy, Nebraska has laws and regulations that make it tough for developers. As a result, they take their business to Oklahoma and Kansas.

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NDSU research could change wind power grid

Effective transmission has always been one of the hang-ups with wind power, but researchers from NDSU will be looking at an old debate to see if there is a new answer for a more efficient power grid; they’ll be exploring the integration of direct current energy.

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Minot: How to Deal With Fallen Trees

The City of Minot has issued a news release on how to handle your fallen trees. — Official News Release, City of Minot — The City of Minot is issuing the following policies with regard to fallen trees after the wind storm on July 28th. Homeowners are responsible for trees growing in the owner’s yard.

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Watch: These Bladeless Wind Turbines Shake to Generate Electricity

The three-bladed wind turbines are now common place on the prairie, but new technology may radically alter the appearance of wind generators in the future. Get the story in the short video below.

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87 Turbine Wind Farm Near Beulah Approved

The Public Service Commission voted unanimously to grant the permit and allow the project to  move forward. The developer is Antelope Hills Wind Project LLC of Santa Barbara, CA.  

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