Idea for Minot: Freezing Pants for Pointless Fun

The dark days of winter can be hard to bear. Sometimes what you need is a really stupid and pointless gesture, something that does nothing but make you smile and think for a split second — something like a pair of frozen pants. Photo by Aaron Lavinsky, Star Tribune. Could this be a fun addition

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ND Outdoors: – Mild Winters Good for Wildlife

We’re not the only one’s who love winter we’ve had. If the wildlife could talk, they’d probably be commenting on how nice it has been as well. And biologically, the soft conditions generally lead to stronger animals and better reproductive outcomes. We’ve got months to go, but things are looking good. Watch the video below.

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What It’s Like Living in the Coldest Town on Earth

North Dakota winters can be rough, and though the groundhog sentenced us to six more weeks of it, we still have a lot to be thankful for. Here’s one case where we’re clearly already on the side of the fence with the greener grass.

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Checking Your Furnace

Valley News Live in Fargo recently featured a series of live reports with a Fargo furnace and heating expert. The service company isn’t local to Minot, but the lessons and good advice still apply. Check out the videos below. The videos view-protected so they can’t be embedded on this website, but follow the links to

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City looking for snowbusters

The City of Regina is reaching out to residents with competition designed to help keep the sidewalks clear of snow. Residents can nominate their neighbors who go above and beyond, with the winner receiving a snowblower at season’s end.

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Why Do City Snowplows Damage Curbs?

This comes out of Grand Forks, but it’s not a unique problem. It’s fair to say that the issues of snow removal are similar… at least in North Dakota, so get informed on one of the challenges of keeping the streets clean.

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In The Cold Weather… Layer Up, But Avoid Sweating

Need some practical advice for staying comfortable on our bitter cold days? Valley News Live delivers with this short video segment.

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