There’s a good reason why Nordic people look so damn healthy

The data shows that our Scandinavian relatives get the recommended 2.5 hours of exercise per week, and more often than not, the get it outside. Perhaps coincidentally, Scandinavians also rate high on measures of happiness and well-being.

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Spread The Word: Butter Has An Epic Backstory

The exact way it happened is grist for a would-be historical fiction writer, but the part that remains fact is that it happened — the way to turn milk to butter was discovered. And when it was, it changed everything.

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The Struggle within the Economics of Environmental Protection

If you take a minute to read the mission and guiding principles behind The Minot Voice, you’ll notice the protecting the environment gets a special call-out. This guest blog on Scientific American provides some valuable commentary on a couple ideas intended to quantify the future economic impacts through a current market mechanism.

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Norwegian Air to offer U.S.-Europe fares starting at $65 one way

In expanding its service to include transatlantic flights, Norwegian Air will be offering one-way fares for as little as $65 to multiple European destinations. At this point, flights will be departing from smaller, regional airports in the Northeast.

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Watch: Incredible and Terrifying Nature on the Galapagos Islands

What you’re about to watch may be the most incredible thing you’ll see on the Internet this year. It’s teaser footage from the BBC’s Planet Earth II filmed on the Galapagos Islands. But be careful, it may be difficult to watch if you have a strong fear of snakes, and if you’re watching at the office

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Leaner and meaner: US shale greater threat to OPEC after oil price war

With news that OPEC has an agreement with member countries and Russia to reduce output, the conversation in North Dakota will shift to how did we come through this down cycle in the industry? And a couple reporters from Reuters have the start of the answer. It may turn out that the OPEC attempt to

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Oil up sharply as OPEC finalizes first output cut since 2008

The glut in world oil supply, which in turn led to the price of oil plummeting since mid-2014, may be behind us. OPEC, a cartel of loosely organized countries with a direct interest in maintaining higher oil prices has a tentative agreement that includes Russia to curb production. Speculation on oil futures responded quickly to

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Finland is going to ban coal within 14 years

The transition alway from coal will be economically disruptive. Here in North Dakota, we are rightfully resistant as we have so many jobs and livelihoods dependent on it. President Trump may get us a reprieve, but the reality we have to face is one where coal is not a dominant player in our economy. Finland has

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How Technology Helped Martin Luther Change Christianity

Five hundred years ago — more or less — Martin Luther nailed his ninety-five theses to the door of a church in Germany and born from that act was the Protestant church. It’s doubtful Luther had a grand revolutionary scheme in mind when he committed his act of heresy, but a collision of timing and

Read & Share   sourced from: NPR is gone: A eulogy for the greatest music collection in the world

Alas,, I never knew you. Described as the modern era’s musical Library of Alexandria, was a repository of all the world’s music. And now it’s gone. This is worth a read in the hopes that we might find a way to prevent history from repeating itself at some point in the future.

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Mark Your Calendar: 1, 2017, the Great American Solar Eclipse

On the heels of a really super moon, we get news of another extrordinarily rare astronomical event — a solar eclipse. The date is next summer, the location you’ll need to get to for a the full experience — Western Nebraska. But it may be worth the drive, these are kind of a once in

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21 of the best photos of the supermoon from around the world

The moon has been really super the last few days, and it’s brought out scores of photographers looking for that one remarkable shot. Here’s a collection of the better ones as collected by Business Insider writer Dave Mosher via Science Alert.

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Pentagon Preparing for Different Global Weather on Recurring Basis

If the climate is changing — and the pentagon isn’t saying it is because the lawmakers that approve their budgets don’t all agree on that — then the prudent thing to do would begin preparing. And so while they’re not sure if the climate is changing, they are making preparations. The L.A. Times has the

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Need Some Perspective? Watch Carl Sagan’s ‘Pale Blue Dot’

We’re all in this thing together, and no one gets out alive. Two stark messages to consider in the aftermath of whatever that was we all just collectively went through. And on the day after, it makes sense to gather a bit of perspective. Watch below one that comes from viewing this circus from a

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This bizarre world map is actually crazily accurate

The map of the world you grew up looking at on the wall of your elementary school classroom is known as the Mercator Projection. And it’s wrong, really wrong. But the problem of how to present a 3-dimensional globe onto a flat piece of paper and keep it accurate is a difficult one. But we are

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Protest: Denmark’s supermarkets are refusing to stock South African wines

Denmark supermarkets protesting the treatment of workers in South African vineyards. How are they doing it? With their buying power by no longer carrying the wine. And with the #NoDAPL protests taking place South of Mandan, it’s worth noting there are many methods for advancing social change.

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