What Is the Point of the State Board of Higher Education?

Following a week of less than flattering news related to UND President Kennedy’s pursuit of a job in Colorado and the State School of Science’s reporting and procurement practices, Rob Port is wondering what’s the role of the State Board of Higher Education?

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Federal flood protection funding for Minot takes a step forward

Senator Hoeven was in Minot yesterday with U.S. Army Corp of Engineers Chief Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite. After a round table discussion that included representatives from many other federal agencies on the topic of funding Minot’s current and future phases of flood protection, General Semonite signed the Chief’s report — the culmination of a nearly

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How Local Music Scenes Make our Cities Stronger

If you take a minute and think about what makes Minot unique, you probably won’t have to work hard to land on music. From the Minot Symphony and the Western Plains Opera to Why Not Fest, Leewok and all the regular music you can catch at places like Ebeneezers and Souris River Brewing, Minot’s music

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Is Music Good for Your Health?

If you’re wondering, the answer is yes. And the evidence is both anecdotal and clinical, but if you want more details, check out this column from NDSU Extension food and nutrition specialist Julie Garden-Robinson.

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Eagle nests observed throughout North Dakota

The historical plight of bald eagles is told often. At its lowest point, surveys estimated the bald eagle breeding population was once as low as 500 nesting pairs in the lower 48 states. Unregulated taking by humans, loss of habitat and environmental contaminants were main factors in the eagle’s population decline. Bald eagles were not

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Williston District 1 weighs options after school bond vote fails a second time

With property taxes heavy on the pocketbook more and more school districts across the state are stuck carrying the burden. The most recent example is from Williston where a second failed bond approval vote will require the district to figure out what to do with high school class sizes they don’t have room for. Few

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Crude-by-rail bill passes Washington House but with big change

The state of Washington’s legislature has been contemplating a bill that would require all oil delivered to the state’s refineries to be shipped with a vapor pressure below 9 psi. It’s a big deal for North Dakota oil producers because a lot of our oil goes west, and we don’t require vapor pressure to be

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The robots are marching, and they can pull a truck, too

While this story is not exclusive to Minot, it helps remind us that we’re not immune to the march of technology. And this company — Boston Dynamics — has been the subject of past publishing here on The Minot Voice.  If you go back and watch those old videos, you’ll get a sense of how

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