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Sunday, December 10th


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Sunday, December 10th

Atypical Brewery & Barrelworks

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Tater Tot Hot Dish Pizza

Tater Tot Hotdish (Our Weekend Pizza Feature)

December 9th — December 10th

Prairie Sky Breads

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Perspectives: Grand Forks citizens question conflicts following Fufeng

The plan to develop a Chinese-owned corn mill in Grand Forks is dead following alarms raised by the U.S. Air Force, but the conversation over the project continues. In the wake of the project’s end, Grand Forks citizens are questioning the close ties between the City of Grand Forks and the Grand Forks Region Economic [...]

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News: Pedal-powered party bike to begin touring this summer in Fargo

A pedal-powered business with a side of fun is arriving in Fargo this summer. You’ve probably heard of a party bus? Well, now we’re going to have a chance to try a party bike. Get the full story on a new business concept from Or learn more about the business at the link below. [...]

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News: City Council Approves Lane Reduction for 4th Ave NW

Are more lanes the best way to handle traffic? It’s an assumption that’s shaped communities, including Minot, for decades, but as traffic engineers gather more data, they’re learning ‘more’ isn’t always better or safer. Well, Minot’s going to put that idea into practice. 4th Ave NW from Broadway to the bypass is going to get [...]

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News: North Dakota bison processing plant expands as more people seek healthier protein

Bison have sustained the prairie in more ways than one since they’ve been around, and after being pushed to near extinction a century ago, they’re recently reemerging in old-fashioned form — as a healthy source of food. Demand for Bison meat is on the rise, and that’s pushed a North Dakota processing center in New [...]

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Learn: Early Winter Sends Birds Flying

The early arrival of winter likely had many North Dakota snowbirds questioning if they should have left before Thanksgiving. The following wave of snow and cold through Christmas and New Year’s may have sealed the deal for some of not returning until well after Easter.  As much as a cold, snowy and dark season can frustrate me, I still don’t see myself heading south for winter and I’m [...]

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Learn: With Gardening Decisions on the Horizon, One Variety Peas Outperforms the Others

There is nothing better than eating fresh peas in the garden. You pop open a pea pod and the green pearls inside are as sweet as candy. At North Dakota State University, we have worked with hundreds of families to identify the best peas for our state. The finest pea is Lincoln, an heirloom variety [...]

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News: House Appropriations Subcommittee Says ‘Do Pass’ on Tuition Freeze for ND Universities

A House Appropriations subcommittee is supporting a bill that would deliver a tuition freeze at North Dakota’s colleges and universities for the next two years. The bill would cost taxpayers approximately $47 million but would keep North Dakota competitive with neighboring states who have or are considering similar measures. Get the full story from Prairie [...]

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Learn: 10 things to know about how social media affects teens’ brains

Kids today are among the first generation of humans to grow up with social media as a dominant factor in their lives. After hundreds of thousands of years of evolving and adapting to the natural world, we’re now dealing with the challenges of evolving and adapting to a much faster-moving technological world. It’s a great [...]

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News: Temperature Check: North Dakota Health Trends

Every few years, the North Dakota Center for Social Research at NDSU studies the factors that contribute to our overall health. They look at things like race, place, education, and income to see how they correlate to our health and put them all together in a final report. It’s kind of like a regular check-up [...]

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News: House Passes Raw Milk Bill

The ND House delivered a win to food freedom advocates Monday. House Bill 1515 allows dairy farms to sell raw, unpasteurized milk straight off the farm, but restrict dairies from selling raw product to grocery stores or wholesalers. The bill passed by an 83-10 vote. The Grand Forks Herald has the full story. [...]

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News: Minot Legislators address hot topics at forum

Members of the public and some of Minot’s local legislators came together Saturday morning for a legislative update and forum at the North Dakota State Fair Center. Library books, property taxes, four-lane highways, flood protection — the list of topics covered is long. Jill Schramm with The Minot Daily has the full story. [...]

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News: North Dakota House says no to guns in bars, public buildings, colleges, other gun bills pass

Limits to where you can carry your gun will remain on the books in North Dakota for another two years, at least. The ND House voted down several bills related to the expansion of gun-carrying rights including on college campuses, public buildings, bars, and churches. Jeremy Turley has the full story on this article at [...]

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Learn: Swedish Students Get Winter Survival Lesson in “isvaksovning”

What do you do if you’re out ice fishing and you fall through the ice? You’ll know if you’ve had a lesson in ‘isvaksovning’. That’s the hole-in-the-ice exercise that Swedish students take part in through their physical education class in the Sollentuna municipality. Participation is not required; all the students participate. Get the full story [...]

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News: Be On the Look Out for Canadian Super Pig

If you had ‘Canadian Super Pig’ on your bingo card of things to worry about, you may be a winner in today’s guess the news game. Levity aside, these pigs are no joke. They’re cross-bred from domestic varieties and wild boars and are adapting quickly to the cold of Northern climates, and it’s not a [...]

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News: Rural Americans Impacted More By Inflation

If you didn’t know what inflation meant a year ago, the odds are high that has changed. You don’t need to know the word to feel the burden of higher prices. And when the dollar loses value and everything costs more, rural places feel it more. That’s the opinion of one Colorado State economics professor [...]

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Perspectives: Montana students standing up for their futures

Speaking toward the future, there’s no one more impacted by the issues of the day than the young people among us. From curriculum to climate change, the younger you are the longer you’ll have to live with the decisions made today. And in Montana, youth engagement in political action becoming a force to reckon with. [...]

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