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Take Out Tuesday!

Tuesday, June 25th

Atypical Brewery & Barrelworks

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Hamm’s & Grilled Cheese (w/Tomato Bisque Reduction): 5$

Tuesday, June 25th

Blue Rider

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June 29th — June 30th

Arny’s 2.0

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CurioHow a Grain Silo in Norway Became a Global Modern Art Destination

Sometimes architecture becomes art in its own right. And while we’ve become almost immune to seeing them, grain elevators represent some of North Dakota’s most iconic architecture. But what happens to them after their use serving agriculture ends? In Norway, one of them was repurposed to hold a $46 million art collection. And it’s stunning. [...]

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NewsNorth Dakota Among States With the Lowest Housing Inventory

There were 1,676 active real estate listings in North Dakota last month. That puts us on the list of the five states with the lowest amount of active listed units. The other states with the lowest inventory include New Hampshire, Alaska, Vermont, and Rhode island. This data was brought together by Quartz, and shares the [...]

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NewsIntroducing Tomorrow’s News. Today.

Have you noticed the world seems a little screwed up these days? It’s kind of like somewhere along the way, the plan went sideways. If you’re among those who are feeling a little lost by all of it, or are tuning out because of it — and because of all the yelling, we’ve got something [...]

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CurioThese cities are offering free child care to parents and business property tax breaks

In Anchorage, Alaska, a sales tax on recreational marijuana is paying for child care and freeing up parents to enter the workforce. It’s just one example from around the country where the challenge of child care is an increasing detriment to workforce and economic development. In many cities, municipalities are getting directly involved with providing [...]

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CurioA Champagne Cocktail for Syttende Mai

Get ready for Norwegian Constitution Day with a delicious Kir Royale recipe! This special take on the classic cocktail features raspberry sorbet, perfect for a festive celebration. Unlike ice cream, sorbet won’t curdle and adds a creamy texture to your drink. Simply place a scoop of sorbet in a glass, add Crème de Cassis, lemon [...]

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Curio2nd annual Mac & Cheese festival headed to Mandan

The competition for America’s most comfortable comfort food would have a lot of contestants, but ‘mac & cheese’ would most certainly be on the list. And if you’re a lover of the savory staple, you may want to check out Bismarck’s Mac & Cheese Festival this weekend. Get the full story on a creative way [...]

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NewsBurgum establishes Office of Outdoor Recreation to enhance private sector partnerships, maximize impact

BISMARCK, N.D. – Gov. Doug Burgum, alongside state agency officials and partner organizations, today announced the establishment of the North Dakota Office of Outdoor Recreation to grow North Dakota’s outdoor recreation economy by strengthening partnerships with the private sector and increasing collaboration among all stakeholders to seize the incredible natural and economic opportunities our great [...]

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CommentaryNorth Dakota policy, political rhetoric overlook transgender kids

The following commentary was written by Faye Seidler and originally published on the North Dakota Monitor. The source article is available by link at the bottom. Between April and May of 2023, Gov. Doug Burgum signed into law eight bills targeting trans individuals. These bills covered items such as banning medically necessary care, restricting where [...]

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CurioThe Death of the Mall is a Myth

It’s hard not to walk through Dakota Square these days and wonder what the future holds. Many spaces are vacant; depending on when you’re there, many stores are closed and keeping irregular hours. But Minot is not alone or an outlier in this trend. But according to Kevin McCrain, CEO of a company that owns [...]

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NewsWest Fargo Revises Hiring Process to Attract More Applicants

West Fargo has revised its hiring policy, aiming to simplify the process and encourage more applicants. The previous and also recently revised policy required a hiring committee for all department head positions, leading to public meetings. Now, the city administrator will have more discretion and can consult with commissioners as needed. This change is seen [...]

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NewsDevils Lake Voters Say Yes to $27 Million Referendum for School Improvements

In Devils Lake, North Dakota, a $27.7 million referendum passed to renovate two schools, with an impressive 64% margin of approval. The renovations will include upgrades to Central Middle School and Prairie View Elementary School, aiming to address various infrastructure and accessibility issues. The community’s strong support for the referendum is commendable, and Superintendent Ned [...]

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CurioBismarck Making Plans For Riverfront Amphitheater

It’s more than a decade since Minot went through the River Front & Center planning process. You can read about that with a quick search on Google or the City of Minot’s website. Since then, the community has routinely spoken out positively toward taking advantage of recreational and quality of life opportunities around the Souris [...]

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CommentaryIt’s a Crowded Ring for ND’s U.S. Congress Race

North Dakota’s sole congressman is running for governor. There are seven, yes, seven people facing off in this year’s primary election seeking to replace him. The Democrats endorsed Minot resident and Velva native, Trygve Hammer. He is being challenged by Roland Riemers, who did not seek the party’s endorsement. Hammer’s background as a U.S. Marine [...]

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CommentaryGovernor Candidates Are Racing Us to the Bottom

Let’s give Lt. Governor Miller and Congressman Armstrong both the benefit of the doubt by stipulating that neither of them are liars. Miller’s negative ads more or less claim that Armstrong can’t be trusted to be North Dakota’s next governor. Similarly, Armstrong’s negative ads suggest that Miller can’t be trusted with the same role. Obscene [...]

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CurioWest Fargo joins the flock of cities that allow backyard chickens

West Fargo residents can now apply for permits to keep chickens in their backyard, following the approval of a new ordinance. While some are concerned about potential issues like attracting predators and messy yards, others believe it’s a positive move in line with other nearby cities. The ordinance will require an annual permit for up [...]

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NewsAir Force To Provide Cold Weather Pay for Servicemembers at Minot AFB & Other North Dakota Bases

The U.S. Air Force is introducing special cold weather pay for those stationed at bases in North Dakota. Effective July 1, 2024, the policy is designed to help servicemembers and their families deal with the unique challenges of living in colder climates. The full news release from Senator Hoeven’s Office follows below. # — NEWS [...]

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