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Lessons on Ukraine from 1778

Almost 250 years ago, the American Colonies were fighting for our independence from an imperialistic world power. We were an emerging democracy; we were also on the brink. In our moment of need, another world power, France, lent aid, arms, and even troops.

It was critical support in a moment of extraordinary need. Undoubtedly, it swayed the outcome. It invites a question: what would have happened if the French hadn’t been there for us?

Would we cherish chips and vinegar instead of fries and ketchup? Would we be spending pounds instead of shedding them?

Today, another emerging democracy is under siege from yet another imperialistic world power. Technology lets us see and know this war like no other in history.

The atrocities our ally endures daily are wrenching. Their adaptation to 21st century war-fighting and adoption of technology is remarkable. Their resolve is unwavering. They’re a modern-day David fighting for their right to democratic self-determination and freedom from oppression, and they’ve got Goliath on the ropes.

And yet, this is the moment when the United States of America abandoned them because of petty partisan politics.

That disappoints me. We’ve forgotten how we got here and are no longer willing to help others along the same path. And when it comes to making deals with dictators, we need to review the lessons learned from Neville Chamberlain’s mistakes.

We can do better. We must do better.

England is the natural enemy of France…The invariable and most cherished purpose in her polities has been, if not the destruction of France, at least her overthrow, her humiliation, and her ruin…This condition of things, as well as the care which France is bound to take care of its own preservation, authorize and even invites her to seize every possible opportunity to reduce the power and the greatness of England

Charles Gravier, comte de Vergennes

Addendum: Below you can watch through translation what is being shared regarding Ukraine in Russia. The Speaker is the editor-in-chief of the Russian state-controlled broadcaster RT. The translation is provided by Julia Davis, a Ukrainian-born American journalist who specializes in following and reporting on Russian media.

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