Could Seaweed from Hawaii Slow Down Cows’ Methane Farts?

So, here’s the deal. North Dakota has a lot of cows, and they’re important for our economy and food security. But cows also produce a lot of methane, and methane contributes mightily to global warming. If you’re not following fully yet, there’s a conflict on the horizon and it’s the cattle industry versus the environmental regulators. And depending on who is in office, the environmental regulators sometimes carry the government’s stick.

It’s no joking matter and puts one of North Dakota’s biggest industries at risk. But what if there was a solution that saved us from a fight? What if there were a dietary supplement for cows that slowed down their methane farts? That’s what this article is about. The solution might be seaweed. And the benefits may go further than reducing methane, too. Early research indicates seaweed may support faster weight gain and more milk milk production.

If what’s being observed is more than sales hype for a new product, it has big potential. And maybe it’s a win win win.

This article was sourced from:

Thomas Heaton, Honolulu Civil Beat, Grist


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