How Durango created more affordable housing by relaxing laws on garden apartments

Would you consider adding a tiny home in your backyard or a small apartment above a detached garage? While many would say yes, there’s a good chance that your city’s zoning law prohibits or restricts your ability to do so. In Durango, Colorado, they relaxed the laws and saw an increase in affordable housing.

In Minot we do have limits on which residential zones allow ‘Accessory Dwelling Units’ and what constitutes and ADU. We also have significant investments taking place in delivering affordable housing through the NDR program. Is it possible we’re missing a more elegant solution to our affordable housing crunch?

While it’s rarely in the news, this work and these conversations are taking place in Minot. The City’s Zoning and Planning Steering Committee meets every two weeks and this topic has been introduced.

This article was sourced from:

Anthony Flint, CityLab


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