New law makes selling homemade foods easier in South Dakota

The South Dakota Legislature is making it easier for small food businesses to get started. It was a need identified coming out of the pandemic, the problem: state laws were getting in the way of food supply and resilience. Catch the full story on the deregulation process and impacts from South Dakota News Watch.

And why does this matter in Minot and North Dakota? Over the past legislative sessions, we’ve had our own tug-of-war with regard to cottage food laws. We’re generally headed in the right direction, but when other states follow suit, it invites us to ask — have we done enough? Is there a cultural wave taking shape that we should catch? Not long ago, we pointed you to a story about a nationwide popsicle company that started at a farmers’ market. 

This article was sourced from:

Bart Pfankuch, South Dakota News Watch


Josh Wolsky

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