K-12 Policy Updates: Mandatory Fall Reading for Every Education Entrepreneur

When it comes to Education directives handed down from on high (the feds), there’s a new Sheriff in town who goes by the name of Betsy Devos. Her confirmation was controversial, and the one thing that’s certain — there will be policy changes. How those impact us locally is yet to be determined, but the roadmap on how we negotiate them is coming into focus.

Ben Watsky with Ed Surge has the cliff notes on Ms. Devos’s “proposed priorities and definitions” as they were recently published in the Federal Register. His article is worth a read for all those interested in education policy. And for those of us with a minor curiosity on the topic, the following quote from the article may be the most telling:

This new era in accountability shifts the importance away from “what” a school is doing to be in compliance, and towards “how.” The letter of the law is less important than the outcomes (and the evidence of those outcomes), and this shift is evident throughout the Secretary’s “proposed priorities.”


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Ben Watsky, EdSurge


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