Legislative Round Up: February 5, 2023

Looking for a quick catch up on the week’s legislative news? Here you go.

Tax Out of State Dollars for Political Contributions?

Are out of state dollars contributed to North Dakota political issues a problem? One lawmaker says yes, and his solution is to tax them at an very high rate so as to lower their impact enormously. KX News has the full story on House Bill 1452 


What are ‘Human’ Rights?

Are humans rights superior to non human rights? The ND House says yes, and they’ve defined the circumstances. The Dakotan has the full story linked here.

On Saving Emails & Leasing to Lawmakers

A cost overrun for an Attorney General’s office construction department brought behaviors to light that are getting attention from lawmakers. One issue is preserving public records — specifically emails. The other is transparency required of those who choose to lease space to the state. Get the full story on the fallout from the Grand Forks Herald article linked here.

ESG & The Legacy Fund

One lawmaker wants the legacy fund doing business with and making investments with firms that are supportive of North Dakota’s primary industries — energy and agriculture. House Bill 1278 requires ESG transparency and calls for the Legacy Fund’s consulting management to be reconsidered every five years. Get the full story from KX News here.

Drug Price & Insulin Price Cap Bill Killed By Senate

Senate Bill 2031 would have been a salve on the wound of high prescription drug prices. But the Senate said no. KX News has the full story that includes comments for the AARP which had favored the bill.

An End to the Oil Extraction Tax Trigger?

North Dakota has an oil tax trigger that implements a higher 6% tax rate for oil extraction when the price of oil sustains a level above ~$94 per barrel. Legislation under consideration would remove the trigger and keep the tax rate at 5% all the time. North Dakota also has a 5% oil production tax that would not be impacted. The Bismarck Tribune has the full story here.

State Subsidies for Private Schools in North Dakota?

House Bill 1532 would direct state dollars to private schools should parents enroll their children in private education. The state would not gain additional regulatory authority over participating schools. The bill is still in committee, get the report on the first public hearing from this article at The Dakotan.

Retired Teachers Welcomed Back?

When our state is facing a critical teacher shortage, should we allow ourselves to welcome back retired teachers to the classroom? The Senate said yes, unanimously. Get the full story from KX News.

Higher Education Tenure Reform?

In colleges and universities across the country, tenure is a long-standing tradition. It is not easy to secure, and once granted, it gives the teacher a level of academic freedom that protects them from retribution when taking on controversial or politically sensitive subjects in their classes. A bill in the North Dakota legislature is looking to roll back tenure protections. Get the full story from Inforum.com.

Changing Tax Rates on Ready Made Drinks That Include Spirits?

The alcoholic beverage industry is evolving to meet the tastes of its customers, and in the younger generations, that means off the shelf mixed drinks, many with lower alcohol content. A bill in the North Dakota legislature would update the state’s tax policy to reflect the changing market and hopefully entice additionally economic growth. The Grand Forks Herald has the full story.

Consequences of Restricting Foreign Property Ownership?

The legislature is considering House Bill 1503; it prohibits foreign ownership of real estate. Professionals who work on behalf bolstering North Dakota’s economy will create a barrier to investment and create problems for long operating businesses in the state. Get the full story from the Grand Forks Herald.

80 MPH Interstate Speed Limit?

Should we be able to drive faster on the Interstate? They’re taking up the question in Bismarck; get the full story from KX News.

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