New digital citizenship curriculum is an idea worth copying

Here in North Dakota, we occasionally¬†dismiss outside ideas — particularly those from more liberal-leaning parts of the country — because those places don’t identify as closely with our values. Sometimes that’s good; sometimes that’s bad. The story below comes from the Washington state, and it’s absolutely an outside idea that we should be appropriating.

Technology is changing our brains and our culture at an ever faster pace, and kids are often the first adopters of that technology. Boil it down, and our kids are blazing a cultural trail that few have walked; they need to be better prepared.

In that light, legislators in Washington introduced a bill that scours the state for the best practices in teaching digital citizenship and media literacy. Once the information is compiled, the law directs the state’s Superintendent of Public Instruction to develop a curriculum that will be delivered throughout the state’s classrooms.

Source: Washington’s new digital citizenship legislation sets nationwide precedent |

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