Source Water Spill Near Tioga

It’s been a bad month for oil-related spills. The North Dakota Department of Health issued another news release yesterday outlining another incident.

The Details:

  • Incident Date: January 22, 2015 (reported to NDDOH)
  • Spilled: Source Water. Here’s the language used by the Department of Health, “This water is higher in dissolved solids and minerals than fresh water.”  I’m assuming that means fracking water as it exists prior to the well fracking process, but I will be confirming this detail.
  • Amount: 105,000 Gallons, 2,500 Barrels, ~0.16 Olympic Pools.
  • Location: No map coordinates are available at this time, approximate location 9 miles SW of Tioga.
  • Responsible Party: Hess Bakken Investments II, LLC

The full news release can be viewed here.


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